There are a million details to worry about during a project. 

With our Design/Build model, AV integration won’t be one of them.


In a traditional bid-spec model, the perception is that the project costs less, that significant savings can be achieved. But the reality is often that a project ends up costing more in the long run, has compromises in goals and functionality, and is rarely delivered complete and error free. 

When your owners are focused on a consistent end-to-end approach to project goals, shouldn’t your construction and project delivery model focus on the same?

The design/build model is now being used in nearly half of all private and public sector construction projects because it is proven to keep projects on-timeline and within budget.

The IMS Design/Build model offers AV systems from concept through completion, with a greater value for owners and a lower total project cost. We avoid common pitfalls that AV consultants may miss in the design phase or owners may not have thought of, that both end up costing time and money late in the process.  

Benefits of Design/Build


True, measured accountability with a consistent team from concept through completion.


A lower total cost – more real-time visibility, less change orders, long-term savings.


The efficiencies of the design build process save 100’s of hours across many disciplines.


Lower risk, higher reward owner and end-user experience

The IMS design/build model is strategically built around a series of critical questions. 

The first question is "what is your day 1 user experience?"


Change and change management are difficult. Technological change can be intimidating to user groups and individuals, especially in today’s current environment where workspaces and classrooms are changing.

The IMS design/build experience, from discovery through implementation and support, is focused on how your users communicate now and how they will communicate in the future using new technology for both in-person and virtual collaboration.


Your AV project is not simply a collection of equipment that connects to other equipment. We know that your AV project connects people to other people to foster productivity, collaboration, and innovation in your business.

Our model is built around humanizing the technology and the Day 1 experience, which keeps your people and their needs top of mind and involved at every step of the project.

At every step, we consider the people using your AV systems. We conceptualize, design, engineer, and install systems that are intuitive, and that people WANT to use.

“The value of Design/Build as a model for our AV system investments is driven by processes IMS has established at every point of a project.  We’ve lived through many AV projects, multiple vendors and consultants who over-engineer, then pass it out to 3 companies that end-up failing at some aspect of the project ... and we end up paying for that in actual dollars or re-work or lost productivity with system downtime.  Not anymore.  Not since 2014 when we first experienced the IMS design-build approach.”

Global Director of IT Operations & Customer Services, international law firm

Ready to experience the Design/Build model in your next project?